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X-Plane 12 Beta Updates after Full Release

UPDATE – The official X-Plane 12 full release version has landed. You can and should report bugs and issues to the developers as the full version development continues with public Beta updates. To gain a much smoother performance with 1440p and 4K resolution, be sure to set the Nvidia Control Panel option Antialiasing – FXAA at ON with in-sim graphics option Antialiasing at FXAA as well.

X-Plane 12 has officially landed as a full-release version on December 17. As a real-world pilot, I still see too much bugs to get myself switching from XP11 to XP12 for good. Main issues for me are the overexposure effect in cockpit view (dear Austin, remove this feature, don’t do same mistakes as Asobo), real-weather doesn’t match the latest data (cloud base altitudes are totally wrong), and missing snow conditions after the flight has loaded (still summer and raining water in the Nordics). It is a long road for Laminar Research to wrap all together, even though it’s a full-release now, it’s not final for sure. The hardware I run X-Plane 12 is Intel Core i7-9750, RTX 2060 6GB, and 16GB RAM. I’m using the Full HD resolution 1920×1080, but if you have 4K monitor, you can try resolution 2560×1440 for sharper picture affecting frame-rate though.

Before running X-Plane 12, note that you have both the Background Application Max Frame Rate and Max Frame Rate values at 30 FPS as well as Negative LOD bias at Clamp, and Vertical Sync at ON for x-plane.exe under the Nvidia Control Panel. It’s up to you if deciding to limit frame-rate, but some users report smoother flying with it. Also, note that all aircraft failures are enabled by default, so you need to disable them by unchecking the Set mean time between failures option under Failures settings, or you start losing an engine at some point. Below are the recommended graphics settings for the Graphics options screen under the X-Plane 12 Settings.

Texture Quality: High
Ambient Occlusion Quality: High
Rendering Resolution: OFF
Antialiasing: 2X MSAA or FXAA with 1440p/4K
Anisotropic Filtering: 8X
Cloud Quality: Maximum
Shadow Quality: High
Rendering Distance: High
World Objects Density: High
Vegetation Density: High
Draw Parked Aircraft: OFF
Enable 3D Vegetation: ON
Allow Windshield Effects: ON