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Sim Update 12 Has Landed

UPDATE – The latest Developer Stream was held on March 22. Sim Update 12 is available now with release notes. We recommend to reset graphics settings and remove old cache files after the installation.

Weekly, an updated feedback snapshots of Microsoft Flight Simulator top bugs and wishes for its upcoming Sim Update and World Update are published. Sim Update, aka SU, introduces new features, bug fixes and enhances the overall experience every few months. World Update, aka WU, is a regional upgrade of satellite imagery, a couple of airports and elevation data for a country or a few at a time. The head of MSFS and the developers at Asobo Studio goes through the development roadmap during the Developer Streams a few times a year. There are dozens of bugs and wishes listed below, reported through Zendesk and official Forums by the community. In 2023, Microsoft plans releasing at leat one Sim Update, three Aircraft and Avionics Update, as well as four World Updates, with some surprize aircraft releases included through the year. Read the latest Sim Update 11 release notes, Xbox Series X|S FAQ, and the official known issues with troubleshooting.