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Developer Q&A Live 10 on September 29

UPDATE: The next Developer Q&A Live 10 has been rescheduled for Wednesday, September 29th at 17:30 UTC. This page will be updated after the live session is finished.

The official Developer Q&A Live gives some interesting discussion about the state of the MSFS, ongoing bugs, upcoming features, and the overall future of the franchise. The one-and-a-half-hour-long developer’s interview is usually held every month with Jorg Neumann, the head of Microsoft Flight Simulator, along with Sebastian Wloch and Martial Bossard from Asobo Studio. All the previous Developer Q&A’s can be found here. The latest Developer Q&A Live 9 was held on June 30 at 17:30 UTC, below is the discussion in a nutshell. Watch the whole developers interview as well as Sim Update 4 and Sim Update 5 comparison videos down below.

  • MSFS is now on the very top of the Microsoft products, it’s one of the two games presented on the Windows 11 trailer.
  • Sim Update 5 and Xbox Series X|S edition include new performance optimizations, coming on July 27.
  • Comparison video SU4/SU5 showed 30% better frames-per-second and stutter-free flying in New York.
  • Trees draw distance bug related to latitude, especially bad near the poles, is finally fixed. You really can’t see the tree line popping anymore.
  • A big update on Live Weather is coming in 2022. Later this year a better METAR implementation with the Meteoblue weather data is expected.
  • Due to the new CPU optimizations, glass cockpits and big airports don’t impact performance as much as before.
  • Data of the Photogrammetry cities are up to 7 years old, they will be updated in the future when new and better data comes available.
  • The United States is getting another World Update in 2022 covering more areas. A total of 6 different World Updates are expected next year.
  • Sim Update 5 on PC uses DirectX 11, and the Xbox edition uses DirectX 12. The new performance boost comes from improvements to the sim itself.
  • After the PC edition gets the DirectX 12 support, Ray Tracing can be enabled, and more.
  • Microsoft is looking for a partner to develop the helicopter support and flight model into the sim.
  • Replay mode is almost done but needs a better user interface before release.
  • The prototype of the Scenery Gateway does exist but not yet ready for release.
  • Xbox Beta won’t happen because the Sim Update 5 Beta, which started on July 1, is basically the same as the Xbox edition.
  • MSFS for Xbox is the Standard edition only. The Xbox Series S runs 1080p, and the Series X runs 4K.
  • MSFS will be available to fly via cloud gaming service xCloud in the future.
  • Partners for the upcoming gliders were found, and we can expect better thermal simulation in the future.
  • All future Sim Updates and World Updates are coming to both PC and Xbox. MSFS is a single product for multiple platforms from now on.
  • It’s possible to use a keyboard and mouse on Xbox. Many flight controls are console supported, and new Xbox flight controls are coming from both Honeycomb and Turtle Beach sometime after the Xbox launch.
Developer Q&A Live 9