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Fix Default NavData with Navigraph

Since the launch of the Microsoft Flight Simulator, users have reported missing and erroneously coded navigational data. Some of the airports, procedures, and navaids are wrong in the MSFS default navigational data. Navigraph provides a NavData Beta client to overwrite the default MSFS NavData with the latest Jeppesen NavData cycle. You will need an active FMS Data or Navigraph Ultimate subscription for the Navigraph NavData Center client to work. After installation, you can expect the following changes below to the navigational data.

  • Missing airports have been added (e.g. EDDS and ZBAD)
  • Missing procedures have been added (e.g. ILS 16 at LIRF)
  • Missing navaids have been added
  • Additional VFR waypoints have been added
  • 7,760 VHF Navaids have been updated
  • 3,327 NDB Navaids have been updated
  • 70,944 Enroute Waypoints have been updated
  • 1,303 Markers have been updated
  • 13,166 Airports have been updated, including COM frequencies, runways, ILS, terminal waypoints, terminal NDBs, and terminal procedures

Navigraph NavData Center client only updates the default navigational data in the MSFS. The update will not affect buildings, aprons, taxiways, landmarks, geography, or anything visual that, for example, a scenery developer is working with. The client software has an automatic update function keeping itself updated with latest versions of both client software and Jeppesen NavData cycle. Navigraph Ultimate subscription includes the official Jeppesen Charts, and the team of Navigraph is working on bringing VFR charts in the future.

What comes to airport charts as well as low and high enroute charts, if you are flying online, there are also Aerosoft NavDataPro Charts available. Providing official Lido charts supplied by Lufthansa Systems and are used in real-world aviation by more than 180 airlines throughout the world. Personally, I prefer the Lido charts are better to read than the Jeppesen charts and contain more useful information. For example, if flying from/to airports using meters instead of feet as altitude information. Besides payware Navigraph and NavDataPro charts, there’s free charts service called ChartFox, which requires a VATSIM account to log in.