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Using Live METAR with Live Weather

UPDATE: Although the latest Sim Update fixed the Live Weather, there was still a daily bug when flying at a time range between 20-08 UTC. Numerous reports from the users tell that the bug has now been fixed.

Unreal Weather – Live METAR is a freeware add-on, injecting the real-world weather data into the Microsoft Flight Simulator, using up-to-date METeorological Aerodrome Reports, METARs. It provides a free alternative for the built-in Live Weather within the MSFS. While the Unreal Weather – Live METAR add-on uses only the current airport METAR reports to simulate the weather, the in-sim default Live Weather utilizes the weather reporting at the airports with prediction services provided by MeteoBlue, plus some artificial intelligence on top of that.

For some of the MSFS users, there’s an issue with the Live Weather not loading the weather at all, but there’s a workaround for it. Always load your flight with Clear Skies weather preset, and after the flight has loaded and you’re sitting in the cockpit, choose the Live Weather from the custom Weather toolbar. Also, if you want the exact correct time into the sim, you need to click the LIVE button below the clock time bar to get it right.

The default Live Weather utilizes the internal weather simulation means in full capacity, while Unreal Weather – Live METAR add-on is currently limited to the data model available on the Weather Settings menu. It, for example, cannot recreate different weather zones around the player, so the weather will always appear uniform. It supports smooth, user-configurable transitions between different weather states to provide the best experience though. This freeware add-on is a work in progress, which means that it is being constantly improved.

The build-in Live Weather’s low altitude clouds at the airports are sometimes incorrect, but the Live METAR adds cloud layers correctly based on the latest METAR. Fortunately, you can change the weather source between Live Weather and Live METAR add-on in-flight without pausing the MSFS. So for takeoff and landing as well as at low altitude, you can use the Live METAR add-on weather source. While climbing to cruise altitude, you can switch to Live Weather for winds aloft from the custom toolbar Weather box, and vice versa.