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Trees Draw Distance Still an Issue

Sim Update 3 made an undocumented change to the Microsoft Flight Simulator that disabled all the trees draw distance add-ons from working anymore. The first image below shows how awful the World Update 5 will look in the Nordics if the Update still doesn’t include any change on trees draw distance. The trees draw distance in the Nordics by default is less than 4 nautical miles nor 10 nautical miles like Asobo stated on the latest Developer Q&A Live 8. The Equator in Colombia gave me a draw distance of 8 nautical miles with TLOD 125. Meanwhile, in the Nordics, less than 4 nautical miles only.

According to Sebastian Wloch from Asobo Studio on the latest Developer Q&A Live 8, there will be an option to even further out the trees draw distance once the new optimization is done. A discussion about this issue is again at the official MSFS Forums and we are making bug reports of it until it’s sorted. The bug is the following; trees draw distance decreases on the way from the Equator (10 nautical miles) towards the North/South Poles (less than 4 nautical miles), meaning the trees draw distance bug is somehow related to latitude.

The default trees draw distance in the Nordics is less than 4 nautical miles

The second image below shows the same location in the Nordics with the Flight Simulator Blog’s trees draw distance fix in use before Sim Update 3 broke it. The trees draw distance was 8 nautical miles with TLOD 125 and 10 nautical miles with TLOD 200. For now, in the graphics settings, both options TERRAIN LEVEL OF DETAIL and TREES will affect the trees draw distance. Although TERRAIN LEVEL OF DETAIL value 200 will draw the trees furthest, it’s recommended to use not more than 125 to avoid stutters on most of the systems.

This fix increases all the trees and vegetation draw distance up to 8 nautical miles, with a bit shorter, more realistic trees height. With the Terrain Level of Detail value set to 200 and the Trees to ULTRA, the trees draw distance goes up to 10 nautical miles. Uninstall any other tree fix or tree mod before install. Install is easy, just unzip into your Community folder. If there are any issues, just delete its folder to revert back to the default draw distance.

  • Trees Draw Distance Fix v3.1
Trees Draw Distance Fix in use before Sim Update 3 broke it