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Dalcomm Tech J1 Carbon Fiber Headset

Dalcomm Tech LLC was founded in 2017, in the United States, to engineer products for communication technology needs. At first, they mainly provided communication headsets and adapters for professional television camera operators, industrial applications as well as general aviation and helicopter pilots. Since the release of the new Microsoft Flight Simulator, Dalcomm Tech got interested in expanding its general aviation headsets for flight simulation use as well.

There was no need to engineer a new headset from zero because Dalcomm Tech provides a wide range of different adapters. This gives an endless possibility for the ultimate all-in-one headset for everyday use. In this review, we take a closer look at the J1 Carbon Fiber Pilot’s Headset for real-life general aviation use. With additional adapters, it can be connected to smartphones and tablets as well as to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

There are a few slightly different Dalcomm Tech’s aviation headsets to choose from. We chose the newest J1 model, which is mainly meant for real-life general aviation aircraft and helicopter operations. J1 is superbly comfortable and lightweight, only 303 grams (10.7 oz), made from genuine carbon fiber being half the weight of the standard model. It seals your ears from outside noise very well, making those noise-canceling headsets with draining batteries more useless ones.

The J1 model is a very traditional aviation headset style but gives additional options and features for almost every need. You can choose from different types of ear seals, add more cables for different audio devices, expand to flight simulation use, and even the microphone adapter can be changed from noise-canceling amplified to unamplified. If there’s any need missing, you can always contact Dalcomm Tech and query for more options, they might just surprise you.

The J1 headset has a full flex mic boom that rotates 270 degrees allowing you to wear it right or left-handed. As I mentioned before, the ear seals can be changed, and the different options are protein leather, gel & foam, foam, and gel ear seals. Both ear units have a low-profile volume control knob for precise volume adjusting. The other ear unit has one connector for all the adapters. With different cables, you can connect the J1 headset to general aviation aircraft, helicopter, 3.5mm aux, USB port, and more.

There are two ways to connect the J1 headset with the Microsoft Flight Simulator to have both output and input voice connection for online flying on VATSIMIVAO, and PilotEdge. It can be connected either via a 3.5mm audio adapter or the USB-PTT headset adapter. The latter one has one game controller button to be assigned as a Press-To-Transmit trigger. You also need the unamplified microphone adapter if using the J1 for transmitting voice in flight simulators.

Dalcomm Tech’s J1 Carbon Fiber Pilot’s Headset is a high-value choice for any real-world pilot looking for a lightweight headset for general aviation needs. Having an option to use it with the Microsoft Flight Simulator is a huge plus and adds even more value to it. With a long 65 months warranty, you get many carefree years. Dalcomm Tech products can be ordered from their online shop, and for more information, don’t hesitate to contact them if there are any questions.